Be visible, be connected


What is Kunslt?

A practice is all about reputation, trust and connectivity

❛❛ Get an online identity and stay in touch with colleagues and patients. ❜❜

Strengthen your practice

❛❛ Connect with other health care personal to evolve professionally. Help the patients who need you. ❜❜

Are you a doctor?

❛❛ Join Kunslt to stay in touch with patients. It❜s free. ❜❜

Impressive Online Reputation

❛❛ Profile lets you reach everyone who needs you. Unbiased listing policy prevent your profile to be pushed down by someone else through unfair means. We do not accept
advertisements, promotions, sponsorships or anything which gives one doctor/clinic, an unfair projection over others. ❜❜

Engage new

❛❛ Intelligently designed profile highlights, search and matching help a needy patient find you conveniently. Your existing patients
anyway do not need us to find you. ❜❜

Deliver an excellent patient's experience

❛❛ Verified patient profile and easy messaging facility help you understand the patient asking for appointment before you confirm. You see only those you can actually help. ❜❜


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